Beating the odds

Andy Munro is both happy, and Blue.

Lightning striking three times in the same place, somebody winning the European Lottery twice, Labour and the Conservatives forming a coalition, the Queen knighting Harry Redknapp and, finally, Ziggy scoring four goals in one match.. all about as equally unlikely!

In fact, amongst Bluenoses the eating of humble pie and hats was of indigestible proportions as Ziggy produced the performance of a lifetime. Indeed, if somebody had offered me odds on, times ten, against Ziggy ever achieving this feat in English professional football, all my house and chattels would have been immediately put forward as collateral.

In truth, Leeds looked a likely location for our wonderful run to grind to a halt and when Radio 5 announced that Leeds could have been three up after just five minutes, it all looked very ominous. In fact, despite the heroics of Boaz Myhill, Leeds predictably took the lead after an uncharacteristic mistake by Caldwell. Mind you, Blues soon struck back with Ziggy bagging his first goal with a great header from one of Blues’ stars on the night, Wade Elliot.

Leeds again looked dangerous after the interval and there seemed no sign of a Blues goal glut until Burke laid on a cross for Ziggy to thump home his second. Two further goals followed courtesy of Ziggy’s head and put the Blues completely in control. Nathan R then came on to enjoy a ‘no pressure’ few minutes as Fahy and Mutch lorded it in midfield.

Perhaps it’s a good job that Ziggy saved his award-winning feat for the closure of the transfer window but, clumsy though he can be, you can’t help liking the guy for trying in his own particular way. I suppose hes also one of the few remaining souvenirs from our Carling Cup exploits. Incidentally, that’s one video I still can’t bring myself to watch due to the strong Judas element.

Following Ziggy’s goalscoring performance against Leeds, I have put together some belated New Year resolutions ie. not to moan when…Ziggy makes no attempt to reach a cross inches from his head; he tries to chase back and crudely fouls an opponent; he goes down like a sack of spuds at the slightest knock. Wwhen all these things happen, I will bite my lip and remember Leeds away.

Winning at both Millwall and Leeds, bagging ten goals in the process, doesn’t get much better with both teams never likely to be on my Christmas card list!