The Self-Importance of Being….

Dave Woodhall wonders whether local Tories know what they’re doing – or whether they know exactly what they’re doing.  

inadvertently made public.

This followed Cllr Kennedy’s recent remarks that the city’s road contractor Amey would not send female staff to evening meetings due to safety fears.

It comes less than a year after another Tory on the city council, Gareth Crompton, stood down in the wake of comments he made on Twitter about journalist Yasmin Ahabi-Brown.

To paraphrase, losing one councillor over improper use of electronic communications media may be unfortunate….

But I wonder if Birmingham Tories are unfortunate, or whether, to continue with Lady Bracknell’s line, they are indeed careless. Do they lack an understanding of modern technology? Or do they just not care whether or not their private thoughts become public knowledge? Ignorance, or arrogance?