Birmingham Bike Foundry on the move

For just over a year Birmingham Bike Foundry have been working, with notable successes, towards building a stronger and more dynamic cycling community within the city. The Bike Foundry have built upon the normal services offered by a bike shop to offer a unique range of resources to Birmingham cyclists.

Bring out your bikesOne of the principal activities of the business is bike recycling. Members of the public donate old and unwanted bikes to the Bike Foundry, whose mechanics expertly repair them, giving local people access to bikes that are both fairly priced and good quality. Their mechanical skills are also put to good use by those requiring bespoke builds, ranging from renovations of vintage bikes, to fixies and bike polo rides.

Birmingham Bike Foundry also offer training courses which empower people to become independent in their life as a cyclist. Maintenance training ranges from basic repairs and safety checks to highly technical jobs such as wheel building; the trainees’ ability to pick and choose modules means that everyone can develop exactly the skills they want. Sessions covering cycle skills are also available, enabling some of the Bike Foundry’s customers to reach aims such as navigating complex roads to find a safe commuter route, and some to simply ride a bike for the first time!

Over the past year the Bike Foundry’s experience and skills has also led to them working with large organizations in addition to individuals. For example, they are now working at several Birmingham schools offering bike polo clubs, giving youngsters a great introduction to this fun new team sport.

Now to be found at 1539 Pershore Road – Stirchley High Street – the move from their former premises (a lock up in a music studio) represents the product of a years’ work from a unique organization. With its co-operative structure Birmingham Bike Foundry enables its workers to have control over the direction of the business, enabling it to expand into the exciting areas of work it has taken on. The Bike Foundry will be joining a high street which is becoming increasingly vibrant as many new and exciting businesses take root there. This project will surely soon play an invaluable role in the local community, and the wider populace of Birmingham cyclists.