Council Leaders Appeal For Calm

Leaders of the three main parties on Birmingham City Council have issued a statement in the wake of last night’s tragic incidents.

Birmingham City CouncilAs the city prepares for another night of tension following the deaths of three Asians in the early hours of Wednesday morning, council leaders have issued a joint statement:

“Representing all councillors on Birmingham City Council, we deeply regret the events of the last few days. We condemn the mindless disorder and looting within the city centre and in a number of Birmingham suburbs. Residents of Birmingham have been deeply affected by these events and visitors to the city have not had the welcome that the city would normally offer.

Now, there has followed the tragic events on Dudley Road last night.  All councillors express their deepest sympathy to the families of the victims. The Police have advised that the circumstances that led to this appalling tragedy are not yet clear and we strongly urge the local communities to show restraint and allow the police to carry out their investigations. We will be supporting the police in the swift resolution of the criminal investigation.  We support those who are seeking to ensure that these victims and their families get justice.

It is vital that all citizens of Birmingham come together in this very difficult time to condemn every act of criminality that has taken place. We will not allow the actions of a criminal minority to damage the excellent community relations that this city has built up over the years.

We would like to express our thanks to all the police, fire officers, council officers and ambulance crews, as well as the volunteers who have done their bit.  Our communities need again to feel safe.  We need to ensure that Birmingham opens up for business.  Our retailers and small businesses need their livelihoods protected.  Birmingham needs to get back to normality.

Mike Whitby, Leader of the Conservative Group

Paul Tilsley, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group

Sir Albert Bore, Leader of the Labour Group”