Ambulance Crews in “Busy Night”

Ambulance staff in Birmingham have had a busy night after a night of disturbances in the City.

West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to 34 incidents, the last of which came in at just after 3.00am on Tuesday morning.

The majority of calls were to reports of people being assaulted.

After reviewing all of the incidents, there were 28 patients seen by crews, of which 13 went to hospitals across the City.

Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer, Tracey Morrell, said: “The majority of incidents have been as a result of assaults, but thankfully most have not been too serious.  However, the fact that over a dozen patients went to hospital gives you an indication of the levels of injury.

“This has been a challenging nights for our crews dealing with some often difficult incidents.  Keeping our staff safe has been a key priority for us.  We have achieved this by working closely with colleagues in West Midlands Police.

“Our contingency plans ensured that, despite these unfortunate events, we were able to operate a normal 999 service dealing with the types of patients that we would have expected to see.”