Kiss my badge? Kiss my….

By Andy Munro.

Of the four Blues galacticos – Messrs Johnson, Dann, Foster and Gardner, it was Gardner who I expected to be the most likely to want to stay. Mind you ,the rumours had been flying around…

Gardner was seen in Sunderland with Larsson. Maybe he was just helping a mate settle in? When McLeish left, the player was also quoted as saying he was feeling ‘concerned’, ‘uncertain’ and other such clichés. However, it all became woefully clear when Gardner opted to take the Brucie Bonus.

When he originally arrived at Blues proclaiming his love for the club he’d “always supported” , a torrent of anger and scorn was brought forth from the claret and blue half of the city, who said that Gardner had expressed a similar allegiance to the Villa. Yet the player insisted that he’d never kissed the Villa badge and, instead, settled down into a badge kissing routine down at St Andrews. Blue blood coursed through his veins, he insisted. He would keep right on to the end of the road. Nobody would underestimate his impact and his metamorphis from a bit-part Villa player to a vital goalscorer for the Blues. However, his stupidity in being sent off against the Wolves was probably the difference between being relegated and staying up. So one would think Craig owes us and, as a supposed fanatical Blues fan, you’d think he would agree to sweat it out for one season, especially given that there was no relegation wage reduction clause in his contract.

But no. He’s now decided to give the Sunderland badge a kiss although, according to reports at a press conference, he would have even been ‘happy’ to re-join the Villa in his haste to jump ship. Well,if he’s wise,he won’t be wandering around Chelmsley Wood when darkness falls. No loyalty, no moral fibre. A chav to the core.

Craig Gardner; goodbye and good riddance.