…Long Live the King

By Andy Munro

I think all Blues supporters must have breathed a sigh of relief with the quick appointment of a new manager, and that manager being the popular choice of the fans.

Chrish Hughton’s comments about an emphasis on youth and attractive football are to be applauded although I note that Mr McGreedy is now also talking about giving young players a chance at Villa Park. Let’s hope for their sake that his interpretation of the word ‘youth’ isn’t in the 30 year plus age bracket that it seemed at Blues. Obviously Ooh Eck will be knocking on the doors of St Andrews for players and I understand from a source close to the club that a circa £11 million transfer fee to take Ben Foster to Villa was agreed pre Eck’s departure… maybe he knew something that we didn’t.

Anyway Eck’s ‘istory now and to endorse that, I’ve taken the irreversible step of removing him from use as my computer password. Personally I hope Chris H wants his own backroom staff as there’s a lot to be said for a complete new broom.

I also note that Chris H is already making noises about needing players who are fully committed to getting Blues straight back up. Therefore, as much as I would hate to see Messrs Dann, Johnson and Gardner all go, it seems that any flakiness on their part will be given short thrift. Pseudo badge kissers beware!