Exclusive: Lord Mayor ‘To Run for Newsreader Job’

By Howard ‘The Ace’ Elston, our man who reports from the bowels of local government

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham has signalled he may run for ITV’s anchor spot on its Midlands news show.

Councillor Len Gregory, who will be in the mayoralty post until May, said last night that he could not rule out becoming the face of Central News.

‘If Bob Warman wants to become elected mayor of this fine city, then why can’t I do his job? I have three televisions in my house and we talk about Corrie and The Killing all the time,’ the Lord Mayor said. ‘I know telly.’

And he added that he has been interviewed not only by ITV but also BBC when it came to important council issues. So he understands the pressures of working in news.

‘I really wanted to read the news out of Nottingham for all the East Midland viewers. But since Central cut that show dead to improve its coverage, I would be honoured to follow in Mr Warman’s esteemed footsteps.’ The Lord Mayor added.

Media expert Big Phil from Halesowen said: ’I think Len could crack it. He would quickly learn how to read an autocue, chuckle wanly when Sam Ali Khan reads a scripted adlib and ask questions that a producer puts in front of him ten minutes before going on air.’

But the analyst added that there are other skills that the incumbent Lord Mayor will have to face. He must be able to pick up £120,000 per year and learn how to come in late and pocket an extra tidy sum for promotions and fronting luncheons. ‘Being a news reader is demanding..fun, but it really stretches you.’

Big Phil added: ‘The councillor is making a wise choice if he opts for Central. If he went to the BBC’s Midlands Today, he has to learn how to grin manically and say a lot of vapid nonsense if he wanted to follow Nick ‘Me and Anne Diamond Once Shared a TV Couch’ Owen.’

Cllr Gregory will have to make a final decision by May when he leaves his high profile post. Birmingham City Council has its offices in Birmingham in a big building next to Starbucks.