Solar Power

solar panels

PV Cells

With government backed Feed in Tariffs set to rise in April there is unlikely to be a better time to jump on the home-generated energy bandwagon that seems to be rumbling across the country.

There are two opportunities coming up to see and learn more about joining the solar revolution.


Sat 2nd – Sun 3rd April ‘Old Home, Super Home’ open days at houses in Balsall Heath, Bourneville and Walsall showing a variety of energy saving and solar features on older houses. You’ll be able to receive advice,  be inspired and be encouraged by pioneer homeowners.

Book at the website

Sat 9th April – Open Day at the Balsall Heath Church Centre with its innovative ‘solar roof without solar panels’, generating up to 8 kilowatts. 11am – 3pm no booking required see

You’ll be surprised at the amount of energy an ordinary home can produce – even on gloomy days – and, with low interest rates on money in the bank and a guaranteed tax free return on investment,  you may eschew an ISA for a few Photo Voltaic Cells.