Birmingham Council going sheepish?

An email has been sent to residents and businesses in Highgate over a planning application:-

“The planning department are going to raise two different planning applications; one for the Abattoir Sheep holding expansion and the other for the Chicken plant in Bissell Street. Planning has given no notice probably so they can rail-road the two issues through. Can I ask all of you to please raise your issues today and pass them to the planning committee?

The meeting is at 11.00 Thursday, 10th February –  attendance is not required. So Please Act Now.”

Pak Mecca Meats Ltd are applying to change the use of a vacant industrial unit, turning it into a sheep holding area, in association with an existing abattoir at 207-217 Barford Street, Highgate.

While at 96 Bissell Street, Highgate, the applications is requesting “Continuation of use of premises, as granted permission under application C/05551/07/FUL, for general industrial use (Use Class B2) currently the preparation of chicken products”

Birmingham Planning Department are recommending consent be given, although in the case of the Chicken plant they are demanding restrictions be applied.

Pak Mecca Meats Ltd and Birmingham City Council are invited to respond to the allegations made above.

You can read the planning applications here

96 Bissell Street, Highgate – 2009 04547 PA

207-217 Barford Street, Highgate – 2009 00332 PA

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