Lambo to the slaughter

Andy Munro sees Blues beat Wolves at Molineux.

By the end of this fiercely contested match, Paul Lambert was wearing his Aston Villa (doom and gloom) face despite a late rally against the ten men Blues – ten men due to Robbo being harshly dismissed. This followed a comical scenario when the self styled Big Dadi. Wolves’ centre forward fell on top of Robbo stopping him initially getting up. Robbo then struggled upright shoving the Icelander dismissively. Hardly a left hook but Big Dadi rolled around like he’d been hit by Mike Tyson. And I thought Icelanders were supposed to be hard!

The match itself was a scrappy affair with the returning Gardner and Davies making a big difference. Out of the window went the intricate Romanesque football… in fact it could, instead, be described as distinctly Rowettesque.

In defence, Shotton had a distinctly better game than of late and was ably supported by Robbo. A word also for Dacres Cogley, who battled away manfully and effectively as the third centreback despite his comparatively dimunitive physique.

Our new wingbacks looked predictably decent going forward but not so much defensively..Keita being slightly the better of the two. In front of them, the ‘diamond’ was of the rough variety but effective nethertheless, not least through the two goals from midfield.

Up front, Che Adams ran himself into the ground in his thankless lone forward role but kept the Wolves backline busy. In terms of the subs, loanee Belik looked very impressive and should be in consideration for a start next time out whilst Stewart put himself around fairly effectively, being booked in the process

Either way, a vital three points and perhaps only two wins away from safety and then we can be building for next season in the Zola way.