Wolves kept at bay

Andy Munro on Blues at Molineux.

We’ve never had the greatest record against the Wolves and with them buoyed by a couple of recent results, many Bluenoses weren’t too optimistic of getting any sort of positive result on ‘foreign’ territory. Gary Rowett sensibly played Davies who obviously had a point to prove (to both managers) although the Spector for Robbo swap was more a case of like for like.

However, in terms of changes to the centre of defence, one would have thought that he might have given Shotton a shot in the middle – at least we’d know if he was worth keeping next season and whether his extra height and physical presence could be a bonus. Having said that, the incumbent Blues middle two can hardly be criticised when they come away with a clean sheet.

Without sounding like a social media troll, maybe playing only one up front (albeit backed up by the talents of Toral) was too defensive and that this should have been backed up by two wingers to give us a fighting chance of breaking our barren spell of scoring away from home. Unfortunately, and predictably, we struggled offensively in the first period with just the one genuine flank player,thereby handing the initiative to a Wolves side who are now in the distinctly mundane category with the loss of both Sako and Afobe.

Luckily, at half time, there must have been some stern words in the dressing room as Blues looked a completely different outfit after the break. This was partly due to the introduction of Maghoma who added much needed pace and power – a sensible choice when a hard fought physical contest wasn’t the best stage for Fabrini’s delicate touch and sublime skills.

Unfortunately, despite being in the ascendancy, we failed dismally to convert a succession of chances which came our way and it seems that if we eventually settle at around eighth in the table by the end of the season, it will be down to our lack of firepower. Strangely enough Clayton Donaldson’s goal scoring record isn’t too bad overall. However, maybe it’s only to be expected that any clinical or calm finish is a big ask, if he’s spent almost all the match chasing down hopeful balls and being buffeted by defenders.

It’s not a lost cause by any means but maybe realism at our comparative paucity of resources is starting to bite.