What’s going on?

Andy Munro wonders what’s happening at St Andrews.

Can I feel the tension and excitement of the summer transfer window? Not a chance for us Blues fans if you consider what’s not been going on.

A £500,000 bid for Tesche appears to be just a scurrilous Sunday paper rumour while Fabrini is apparently scheduled to start training with the Hornets as he’s contracted until 2017. On a similar note, Lloyd Dyer has decided to give the Premier League a go – one bit of non-news to cheer us up !

The bid for Kiernan failed apparently due to the paperwork taking longer than a civil service application, allowing Rangers to tempt him away with the lure of the big time. Cotterill is staying and while there is no news on Demi Gray leaving he is (surprise, surprise) attracting a lot of attention. In the goalkeeping stakes. we have yet to replace the departing Randolph and long term prospect and loanee, Nick Townsend, potentially the league’s shortest keeper,is being talked up .

‘Breaking news’ is that we are determined to keep hold of Donaldson and Trillion Dollar Trophies are the only serious bidders for the club. Apparently, they have two years to make up their mind. Nobody knows who is behind them but if I wanted to choose a dodgy name for a dodgy outfit then Trillion Dollar Trophies absolutely fits the bill.

Okay, so we’ve signed a Baggies reserve prospect, but the lack of tangible news has the Mail publishing a series of articles by ex-Blues players, saying what a good job Gary Rowett has done. So what’s new?

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  1. And St. Andrews is to be used as collataral against any loan given to BIHL by Trillion Dollar Trophies!

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