Chris Whooooo?

Andy Munro passes comment on the new Blues manager.

To parody the usual Blues supporters chant when an opposition sub is announced, the appointment of Chris Davies came as a complete surprise. After the likes of the dour Alex Neil and the high profile Frank Lampard had been bandied around, the appointment of the Spurs coach came right out of the blue to the extent that if I had gone into my local Ladbrokes, to place a bet on Tony Mowbray’s successor, they probably wouldn’t have offered me any odds on the eventual winner.

However, I think most Blues fans will be pleased to see a young and talented top flight coach/assistant manager take the reins. Obviously one can look at the failure of the comparatively inexperienced Wayne Rooney and the temporary flop that was Mark Venus but hopefully Chris Davies is different gravy.

The powers that be seem to have interviewed the world and his wife before coming to a decision, so it’s a relief to have somebody at last at the helm. Will there be more departures once Davies has got his feet under the table and where will his incoming priorities lie? Hopefully these will include a couple of central attackers, a central defender and a decent second-string keeper. I also hope that he will be keen to give our talented crop of youngsters a proper opportunity

Either way, we can now hopefully look forward to the coming season with some optimism.