Bluebirds put Blues to flight

As Blues are beaten at home by Cardiff City, Andy Munro tries to remain optimistic.

In the main, this single-goal defeat was a sorry display, with most of the players just going through the motions. There were a few exceptions such as Koji Myoshi (and it was a mystery why he was subbed), Lee Buchanan at the back who put in a good show and, as usual, Jay Stansfield who ran his proverbials off.

Those apart, Blues played like a team already condemned despite a decent and noisy crowd. Stats showed that we had more possession but almost all of it was backwards and sideways as the players literally passed the buck. This gave a solid Cardiff defence time to get organised and get their defensive ducks neatly in a row. In terms of attacking thrust we might have had a similar amount of shots as the opposition but tellingly only one on target to Cardiff’s four.

The substitutes made little difference and Gary Rowett’s policy of keeping things tight at the back and pinching a goal looked more and more unlikely with Emanuel Aiwu and Dion Sanderson looking uncomfortable every time Cardiff attacked. Meanwhile Ethan Laird forayed down the wing but inexplicably kept stopping and playing the ball back instead of overlapping and crossing… the likes of Dave Langan would be turning in his footballing grave.

If we go down ,which looks increasingly likely, there will need to be a major rebuild, and I don’t mean a new stadium! Thank you Messrs Rooney and Cook.