Happy birthday to Cadbury’s

Take a look back in time to celebrate Cadbury’s 200th birthday.

Today the nation’s favourite chocolate brand, Cadbury, officially turns 200 years old. Celebrating two decades of delighting taste buds and marking cultural moments of Britain. From its humble beginnings in 1824 to becoming an iconic household name, Cadbury has remained a steadfast companion in the lives of Britons, synonymous with cherished memories and traditions.

Founded by John Cadbury in 1824, the brand’s journey began with a grocer’s shop on Bull Street, Birmingham. Amongst the array of goods sold, Cadbury introduced hand-made drinking chocolate, laying the foundation for a legacy that would endure for two centuries. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Cadbury rapidly expanded, captivating the nation with its irresistible treats.

By 1864 the company was being run by John’s sons, Richard and George, and the brothers were keen to distinguish themselves from other cocoa and chocolate manufacturers. A purer, more luxurious drinking chocolate called Cocoa Essence was introduced by the brothers in 1866, using a new process which pressed cocoa butter from the cocoa beans, and it is this that was the forerunner of the cocoa known and loved today. As a side benefit, the excess cocoa butter from the press could now be used to make an early form of eating chocolate and the company then went on to launch its first chocolate assortment boxes.

Throughout its illustrious history, Cadbury has introduced iconic creations and traditions that have become ingrained in British culture. From the debut of moulded bars in 1879 to the unveiling of the beloved Cadbury Dairy Milk in 1905, each innovation has left an indelible mark on the nation’s palate. Cadbury Dairy Milk, with its creamy texture and rich flavour, quickly soared to prominence, becoming a staple in households across the UK.

Beyond crafting delectable confections, Cadbury has been a beacon of generosity and kindness, investing in local communities and economies. Through its unwavering commitment to social responsibility, Cadbury has enriched lives and inspired positive change, working with charities such as The Princes Trust, Trussell Trust and even starting their own Cadbury Foundation that was set up in 1935 to help invest in local communities across UK and Ireland.

As Cadbury embarks on its next chapter, it remains dedicated to upholding its cherished traditions while embracing innovation and inclusivity. With 200 years of heritage behind it, Cadbury looks forward to continuing its legacy of sweetness for generations to come.

Commenting on the anniversary, Bryony Tate Cadbury Brand Manager at Mondelēz International says: “We’re really looking forward to celebrating 200 years of Cadbury belonging to our nation this year. The British public has played such an important role in our history and we’re proud to celebrate being yours. From the thrill of a little treat shared with a loved one, to special occasions and even getting the entire nation excited for milestone cultural events, like Coronations and the London Olympics, Cadbury has belonged to our nation for 200 years. But really, it’s thanks to the whole British public that Cadbury is still here today. We’re planning for an exciting year ahead and lots more announcements to come so stay tuned!”

To commemorate its bicentennial, Cadbury is inviting consumers to relive the nostalgia with the revival of its iconic retro Cadbury Dairy Milk packaging. Available in limited edition 180g bars, adorned with seven collectable designs spanning from 1915 to the present day, these offerings pay homage to Cadbury’s storied history. Each pack features specially curated artwork, showcasing milestone moments that have defined Cadbury’s journey through the ages.