Blues put through the Hoops

Andy Munro watches Blues beaten at Queens Park Rangers.

In the one sense Blues might have been unlucky to lose to QPR at the death but can we really complain when the opposition had more possession and more shots? There is no point in blaming Gary Rowett because it must be like trying to turn a juggernaut round to arrest thr decline.

It’s undeniable that Blues have a fair smattering of talented players but currently they don’t appear to have the confidence to use those talents. In addition we are still weak in some key areas. Crucially, there seems to be a lack of leaders on the pitch which is probably the most concerning thing.

Going through the areas, the keeper who in fairness wasn’t culpable for either Rangers goal is probably getting past his sell by date. In front of him only Buchanan and Laird really cut the mustard. Sanderson has been a big disappointment whilst Aiwu is notably accident prone. In addition Drameh is also unfortunately now showing why he didn’t really cut it at Leeds

In midfield, lack of captaincy material apart, we ought to be able to find an effective combination from James, Beilik, Sunjic, Myoshi, Paik and Bacuna. The problem is that we need natural width and unless George Hall (too inexperienced and fragile?) or Dembele (talented but inconsistent and poor defensively), we have no width.

At the moment, to combat our lack of that natural width, we are using and abusing our best forward in Stansfield. Whilst I sympathise with the ‘play two up top brigade’ this normally depends on telepathic understanding between two forwards, which is hard to get in a handful of games.

If we do go two up front the choice isn’t particularly inspiring – Taylor Roberts(lies too deep), Keshi Andersen (injury prone), the Juke (injured), Scott Hogan (on borrowed time and just seeing our his contract) and, yes, I would give Junior Dixon a run off the bench to see if he could cut the mustard.

Preston, who have got their own incentives in the top half of the table,await and this is yet another ‘must win’ game. Hopefully the crowd will still get behind the lads but if we lose, I don’t think I can stomach an hour dancing to the tunes of UB 40 which is a shame.

However, to me it’s on the pitch that counts and everything else is peripheral, from new stadiums to pop bands.