Awayday blues – but in the right way

Andy Munro enjoys Blues winning at Cardiff City.

It’s been a long time coming but maybe a hoodoo has been put to rest.

Fair play to Wayne Rooney in that he restored Mark Roberts to the back line given the Bluebirds’ strength at set pieces and this move definitely gave the Blues defence a more solid look. His move to give Ivan Sunjic a second chance also paid off as the midfielder never gave the opposition a moment’s rest, scudding around like a footballing clockwork mouse.

All this allowed the more creative players an opportunity to express themselves, as was best illustrated by the Blues winner, when the elusive Siriki Dembele set up Juninho Bacuna who showed sublime skull in slotting home. And also a word for Jay Stansfield, who whilst sometimes ploughing a lone furrow up front was a constant threat to the Bluebirds’ defence and with a bit of luck could have got a goal himself.

It’s too early to say whether any corner has been turned however, with the Foxes next up at St Andrews. Still, at long last, we have some reasons to be cheerful.