Sunflower Lounge date for singer Joe Hicks

Full band show as part of UK tour.

Singer-songwriter Joe Hicks heading off his first full-band UK tour following the 3rd November deluxe edition release of his debut album The Best I Could Do at the Time, including a Birmingham show on Saturday 18th November at The Sunflower Lounge.

Raised in the rural market town of Newbury, Joe Hicks blends pop, blues and folk influences, combining intricate guitar composition with classic pop song-craft. Released in September 2022, The Best I Could Do at the Time is an earnest collection of music, combining Joe’s exceptional songwriting, influences such as John Mayer and Paul Simon, and pop sensibilities with a boldness to wear his heart on his sleeve.

With the album’s deluxe edition set for release on 3rd November, the audience at the Sunflower Lounge can expect to hear acoustic reworkings and some brand-new live versions of songs from the album, recorded exclusively for the reissue. However, the acoustic recordings are not just a standard vocal-and-guitar reimagining – elements such as slide guitar, multiple harmonies and different guitar grooves come into play, shining a brand new light on these songs.

As for the live performances, Joe played a sold-out show at Arlington Arts Centre in his Newbury hometown in late 2022 and decided to bring a full-circle moment to the deluxe album by recording these at the same venue, providing an exciting glimpse at what to expect for his November 2023 UK tour. These live renditions will also be released in video form, the first being One More Step is out now, with the rest to follow in the coming weeks.

“The idea around the deluxe album came initially from the desire to explore some of the songs on my debut album in a more stripped back way and from a different mindset. The Best I Could Do at the Time is first and foremost a pop album, and so all the production decisions when making it were about amplifying those elements and leaning into them,” he said.

“The live recordings on the new release were a later addition. I wanted to film some videos to show how the songs from The Best I Could Do at the Time sound and look live with the band behind me. The guys I have playing in the band constantly blow me away with their musicianship and attention to detail, and that is hopefully very apparent in the videos.”

The deluxe edition of The Best I Could Do at the Time is out on 3rd November. Joe Hicks and his band will be touring the UK in November and play for Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham, on 18th November. Tickets and further information are available from