No pain in Spain

Andy Munro on Blues’ pre-season Spanish win.

A 2-1 win against Cartagena, a Segunda Division Spanish side, may not be a footballing life-changing score but there were still reasons to be cheerful with a substantial number of newbies on display. Despite the new arrivals, it was good to see the home-grown Jordan James net and also all members of the travelling squad given a run out with a wholesale switch around at half-time.

Looking at performances, it would be good to see Blues add the impressive Keshi Anderson to the squad, especially now Tehith Chong has gone for what seemed a decent fee – a fee, more importantly, that allowed us to sign Dion Sanderson permanently.

My only concern on the pitch is the reliance on an aging Juke as the only natural target man. Juke is still worthy of squad inclusion but not as the only target man option. It is still a mystery as to what formation we will play having signed so many wide and support players so it will be interesting to see how the tactics pan out.

Either way, signing younger hungry players has to be the right move and gives room for optimism.