Foxy at the Roxy

Helen Annetts visits the new Roxy Ballroom in the city centre.

Roxy Ballroom promises ‘booze and ball games’ and it most definitely delivers! New to the whole ‘bar plus games’ experience the launch evening at this new venue just off Victoria Square was mine (and my plus one’s) first foray into this world – and we very much enjoyed.

You could argue that my house is home to ‘booze and ball games’ – there’s constant football in the garden; we’ve a pool table taking over my dining room; there’s Sabbuteo; and, in order to cope with the extensive rules imposed by the children when ‘games night’ ensues, it’s essential that all adults partake in booze!!

Roxy Ballroom however has more games on offer and – crucially – not a child in sight as it is strictly 18+. For the launch evening we were able to try everything – American Pool, Bankshot Shuffleboard, Basketball, Beer Pong, Crazy Pool, Duck Pin Bowling, Ping Pong, Karaoke and Shuffleboard. We opted to keep it (very) simple with Crazy Pool and Beer Pong.

Crazy Pool was great:- 9 crazy holes with a maximum of six shots on each. I was victorious with a final score of 30 with my plus one getting round the course in 32 and I have to say there was much high fiving as we had expected to not pot a single ball.

Next up we headed to Beer Pong. It turned out that neither of us actually had a clue of how to play so thank you to Roxy staff member, Jessica, for the detailed and patient explanation. Needless to say, Beer Pong took us ages but the joy and subsequent celebration when you actually bounce that ping pong ball into a plastic cup (and you get to drink the alcohol inside!) is on the same level as if we’d achieved some significant sporting success, you know like coming first in the 100 metres or scoring the winning penalty in the FA Cup final.

Roxy Ballroom serves pizzas, chips, chilli & cheese bites and other side dishes – picky food that you can enjoy whilst you play. Everything we tasted was delicious and the perfect accompaniment to a pint (other beverages are available!) whilst you game.

The biggest surprise – and joy – for me was the music. There were a couple of DJs playing and I confess I didn’t check if this will be the norm or was just for the launch, but they played back-to-back 90s Indie songs all of which were a BRILLIANT addition to the night. If these are the resident DJs I will be back just for the music, never mind the ball games!
Roxy Ballroom is lots of fun; it’s bright, loud and there is loads to do! Whilst the two of us had a great evening we think it’s where you’d head with a group of friends – a student night out maybe or with a group of colleagues from work. Either way – in a pair or in a group – we are pretty sure that if you want an evening of booze and ball games (and excellent music) then Roxy Ballroom in Victoria Square is the place to go.

Please note there is normally a charge for the ballgames and some booking is required. For the full list of costs and further details visithere.