“My God, he’s wearing last season’s dungarees!”

Talking fashion disasters with comedian Robin Morgan.

The Mock The Week, Now Show and News Quiz star will be bringing his new show Robin Morgan: Snip Snip, B*tch to the Glee Club in February. So he was asked a few questions.

What’s the show about?
“I moved back to my hometown of Cardiff a month before the pandemic, so I talk about living back in the place you grew up, and what it’s like now you’re an adult. I talk about being married with kids (I think I might be the only person to do that? Am I unique? Am I a star?) and the Snip Snip title relates to the fact that last year I had a vasectomy, which I will NOT stop banging on about. It was great, 10/10, would recommend to a friend.”

Is it an interactive show? Do you chat to the crowd?
“Interactive makes it sound like there’s balloon animals and fireworks, which sadly there aren’t. Equally, if that sells some tickets, then I’ll bring some along. I chat to the crowd a little bit, but it’s always good natured – I hate when comics ridicule a front row just for the sake of it. It’s all about building a relationship with them.”

You talk about your kids in the show – what will they think of that when they get older?
“Oh god now I’m worried. I hope they’ll realise that I talk about my life on stage, and they’re a huge part of it, and it all comes from a place of love. But maybe when they’re older I’ll have to ask their permission. Kids, eh?”

You’ve supported the likes of Ellie Taylor, Rachel Parris and Iain Stirling on tour – what’s it like being the support act, not the main event?
“I really enjoyed being the support act. I think there’s little to no expectation for you to be their cup of tea, so when an audience digs your stuff, it’s great. Plus, all three of those names mentioned are just lovely smashing comics. It’s just nice to work with nice people.

“It still feels a bit mad that people buy tickets to see me. I don’t know if that will ever become normal. I love doing longer form shows, so it’s a real treat for me to tour in my own right.

You’re a writer on loads of TV shows – do you enjoy one more than the other?
“When I’m on the road touring, all I want to do is write, and when I’m at home writing, all I want to do is do stand-up. So, basically I’m a greedy little pig who just wants everything. I think both jobs complement each other – writing for telly has made me a better comic and knowing what it’s like to deliver jokes on stage in front of an audience I think informs my writing.”

You do warm-up for The Graham Norton Show – what’s that like?
“A JOY. No my caps lock isn’t broken. It’s a JOY to do that job. Some warm-up jobs are a little tricky – large audience who want to see a telly show recorded and they don’t want little old me delaying them, but the Graham Norton audience are incredible – they’ve been on a waiting list for ages, then they queue up, and then they’re going to be METRES away from celebrities so they’re already 99% excited, and hopefully I tip them over into 100% before bringing Graham on. Who is just lovely.

“My favourite thing about the job though is to see how short celebrities are when they walk past me. Love it. Never gets old.”

What are your future plans?
“I’m currently co-writing the third series of Ellie Taylor’s Radio 4 show Ellie Taylor’s Safe Space, which we’ll record in February and March. I’m her co-host/sidekick/little rat next to her, and they’re a bunch of fun to do. And then who knows! I’d like to do a bit more acting (last year I was in the Kenneth-Branagh-Boris-Johnson drama This England), so hopefully a few more of those roles will come up. Maybe I can play Liz Truss in the sequel.”

What’s your favourite Birmingham memory?
“Birmingham’s Glee Club has a hugely special place in my heart. I worked for years behind the bar of the Cardiff Glee, and when I finally worked my way up to a ten-minute open spot in Birmingham, my now-wife went up and had a big night out with the staff afterwards. The (very fashionable) boss Alistair went out with us, and when walking through a bar around midnight, some young fashionistas commented on him: ‘Oh my God, he’s wearing last season’s dungarees!’ and I don’t think I’ve stopped laughing since.”

Robin Morgan plays the Glee Club, Birmingham on February 12th. Tickets.