Review: Jonathan’s in the Roundhouse

Helen Annetts visits another culinary addition to the Birmingham gastro-scene.

As a regular at Jonathans in the Park (Lightwoods Park, Bearwood) for all my coffee and cake needs when in the park with the kids – and if I am not with the kids the occasional, very delicious, Afternoon Tea – I was delighted to be invited to the opening of Paul and John Havelin’s newest eatery Jonathans in the Roundhouse.

The Roundhouse itself is a beautiful setting and one of those places I had been wanting to visit but never quite got round to. As you enter the courtyard Jonathans is set on the right hand side of the curve of the Roundhouse – which was originally stables for the horses working on the canals – the restaurant itself reflects the buildings past. Brick walls, Victorian features and décor that provides a nod to the venue’s horsey past and the lamp lighters that worked there.

Whilst the room was set up to accommodate lots of guests – including live music from the Black Country Buskers – there is plenty of space for tables and chairs and comfy settees. Perfect for ‘sitting to the table’ for a meal or Afternoon Tea or for sinking in to a settee to relax with coffee and cake.

For the event Jonathans in the Roundhouse laid on a smorgasbord of what diners can expect from their menus. Traditional food done well, we enjoyed chicken, salmon, cheeses and Jonathans Victorian seasoned chips! Having had a look through their menu I think I will be back for one of their Breakfasts and again for Afternoon Tea.

During the event Paul and John Havelin paid tribute to the original Jonathan – in attendance for the official opening – whose restaurant in Oldbury (Wolverhampton Road) was where Paul begin his career and the inspiration for the ‘Jonathans in the’ brand of restaurants and tea rooms. This was one of those ‘I remember that’ moments, as I do remember Jonathans and I am pretty sure I visited there at some point in the very distant past.

Paul finished his thanks to all by promising “excellent food, excellent service and excellent surroundings” and from what I saw and enjoyed, I think Jonathans in the Roundhouse will be keeping this promise.