Boost to Birmingham dance community

Dance Hub Birmingham to invest in three dance projects.

The Dance Hub Birmingham Strategic Investment Programme Round 1 is to invest in three projects, led by Arts Connect, Sampad South Asian Arts and Heritage, and Sonia Sabri Company.
Pic – Simon Hadley.
The DHB Strategic Investment Programme aims to invest a total of £500,000 in a diverse range of projects that make dance a vibrant and resilient contributor to the economic life of Birmingham and the West Midlands. DHB seeks to grow a true partnership spirit, building on decades of dance achievement in Birmingham and the wider region and positioning this as a globally significant area for dance.

The three Round 1 Projects that have been selected are: Arts Connect and the Dance Development Leaders Group, with an ambitious leadership and innovation development project to strengthen and diversify the regional network of dance participation leaders; Sampad South Asian Arts & Heritage with Pro – Gati, a programme to upskill and build the employability of the South Asian Dance sector; and Sonia Sabri Company with a strategic apprenticeship project for Midlands-based emerging dance artists and dance producers, particularly those of South Asian backgrounds or working in South Asian styles.

Chris Rodriguez, DHB Steering Group Chair commented: “We truly are thrilled to announce the selected DHB Investment Programme projects – projects that we feel will continue to build on Birmingham’s long history of celebrating and elevating dance. DHB’s investment in these projects will mark a commitment to building partnerships that are ambitious for dance in the region, and our confidence in the dance community and those projects, to help create a true step change for the sector.”

Through the Strategic Investment Programme DHB invites proposals that embrace and intersect across more than one of the four investment priorities; bring together multiple partners in new and unexpected collaborations; are from a diverse range of companies working in dance practices and styles, representative of the wider cultural community; and have national and/or international significance.

There are two further opportunities to apply: the deadline for Round 2 is 26th September and for Round 3 is 27th February 2023. For details, visit