Search is on for young conservationist

World-renowned Twycross Zoo launches search for young conservationists in Birmingham.

Twycross Zoo is launching a search for the conservationists of tomorrow, with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy a behind the scenes experience as one of the Zoo’s newest recruits.

Twycross Zoo is looking to recruit one young person in Birmingham to the brand-new role of Young Conservationist in Chief. For the first time, it will be granting unprecedented access to the inner workings of the Zoo, and its world-leading conservation work, to help inspire the next generation to become an advocate for the natural world and the animals with whom we share our planet.

The Zoo is inviting people across the city to nominate a young person aged 6 to 12 years old – a true trailblazer with a passion for conservation, protecting the planet and preserving endangered species.

Birmingham’s successful young candidate will join four others from across the Midlands, who share their enthusiasm for the natural world. The final five will be chosen by the award-winning Twycross Zoo team and invited for a day to experience and learn more about the world’s amazing species. This opportunity is a chance to discuss the global extinction crisis and the ways to continue the fight to save our planet.

Twycross has selected Birmingham as part of its search as a thank you to local residents who have shown unwavering support for the zoo over the last eighteen months, during one of the most challenging periods in Twycross Zoo’s 58-year history, as it faced numerous closures during the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021 alone, 22,564 Birmingham residents have visited the conservation charity, contributing to Twycross Zoo’s vital ongoing conservation work and charitable aims.

Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE, CEO at Twycross Zoo, said: “We know that young people in Birmingham are incredibly passionate about the challenges facing the natural world. The next generation is calling for action and we want to give a voice to all future conservationists. Together, we can make a real impact in the fight to protect the world’s most vulnerable species. This is a unique opportunity to say thank you, give young people a platform, and share their hopes and ambitions for the future of our planet.”

The newly appointed Young Conservationist in Chief for Birmingham will be invited to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Twycross Zoo, which is recognised globally as the World Primate Centre and is the only zoo in the UK to house all four great apes.

They will gain first-hand experience of the inner workings of the zoo – with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, up-close encounters with some of the Zoo’s most incredible inhabitants and the chance to try their hand at animal enrichment-making activities for their favourite species.

The Young Conservationists in Chief from each area will be led by their Zoo mentor for the day to learn more about the species cared for at the Zoo, as well as its world-leading husbandry techniques and veterinary practises. They will also have the chance to be the Zoo’s ‘roving reporter’ – interviewing the Twycross Zoo team and visitors to create their own exclusive content to be shared with the Zoo’s avid social media followers.

As part of their visit, the budding conservationists will be invited for a one-to-one session with the Zoo’s Discovery and Learning Team leader for a chance to share their ideas about how best to protect and preserve the species with whom we share our planet – from the amazing great apes to the beautiful big cats.

Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE continued: “Today, the world is facing a global extinction crisis with more than one million species now at risk of extinction. It is the next generation that will feel the true impact of the current nature crisis and we must do all we can to help empower them to make a difference.”

Nominations for the role of Young Conservationist in Chief for Birmingham can be submitted here.

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