Highest Islamic Council opens in Birmingham

Group aims to provide help for Muslims throughout Europe.

The International Islamic Council of Justice, the highest and most senior Islamic Council in the UK, has opened its headquarters in the heart of Birmingham city centre, at Colmore Building.

IICJ represents and provides services to over four million Muslims in the UK and over 3,000 mosques, Islamic Councils, charities and organisations. Additionally, 25 million Muslims within the EU have access to its services.

IICJ services include: Islamic Marriages (Nikahs), Islamic Divorces & Appeals (Talaqs & Khulas), Mediation in Islamic Family Law, Mental Health & Spiritual Growth, Islamic Counselling, Counterterrorism Think Thank, and much more.

The team at IICJ consists of British Muftis (Islamic Jurists) & Qadhis (Islamic Judges) who are all multilingual and multicultural.

CEO Mufti Usman says, “The biggest complaints we have come across in the UK regarding Islamic Councils is that the majority of those hearing the cases and giving verdicts are not qualified Muftis but tend to be unqualified elderly gentlemen, who do not speak English fluently, who are severely out of touch with modern Britain, and who discriminate against women in their cases and rulings. Additionally, they do not allow any appeals of their decisions, even when there are reasonable grounds for an appeal.

“We are proud to say that this is not the case with IICJ, as it was established to provide a forward thinking and friendly service for Muslims and the greater community at large, free of the critical flaws found in pre-existing councils.

“Furthermore, we at IICJ are proud to affirm that we condemn all bias, discrimination and inequality, and we hope to become a solution and beacon of hope for all Muslims. The Muftis & Qadhis at IICJ are young, mature, wise and experienced. They have studied extensively in the UK and throughout the world, having gained a wealth of experience interacting with people of all backgrounds and heritage, and thus understand both modern Britain and other cultures.”

As IICJ is the highest Islamic Council in the UK, it also hears appeals of Islamic divorce cases. This allows for decisions of all Islamic Councils to be appealed to IICJ, along with its own in front of a fresh panel of Muftis & Qadhis. This is a pioneering service, which has never been offered before in the UK.

Mufti Usman adds, “We are able to help thousands of female Muslims within the UK and EU who are seeking an Islamic divorce, many of whom are trapped in abusive relationships. Most cases will not require travel at all as the divorce process will be done virtually. This is the first of its kind in UK history and the process is quick, easy and cost-effective.”

over the coming year, IICJ expects to deal with over 1,000 Islamic divorces and conduct over 500 Islamic Marriages, all whilst providing a range of other services which can be found at iicj.co.uk. The IICJ team operates seven days a week in order to meet the demands.

The International Islamic Council of Justice also assures everyone that it functions fully within the remit of English law.