Are Offices Safe to Return to Now That Restrictions Are Easing?

A guide to reducing risk and easing concerns.

The majority of businesses have been working remotely for over a year now, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. However, restrictions are now starting to properly ease for the first time since the outbreak. This means that businesses are considering asking their employees to return to the office. But should they actually be doing this? Can working in an office ever be safe again? We hope to answer these questions in our article today. Read on to find out more.

More People Are Vaccinated

The COVID-19 vaccine is the best defence we have against the virus. Most people in the United Kingdom have now received the first dosage of the vaccine, and the majority of shielders or older people are also double jabbed. In addition to this, booster dosages are coming soon, ensuring the vaccine remains effective. As a result, the UK is better protected against coronavirus than ever before. Employees who have been vaccinated are safer to return to the office than those who haven’t been. If these people feel comfortable, then employers could invite them in. However, it is worth mentioning how new variants of the virus can impact the effectiveness of the vaccine. Furthermore, these variants are more transmissible. Managers need suitable justification to open the office again and give their employees freedom of choice regarding their own safety.

Cleaning Solutions Are Available

Having cleaning protocols in place is one of the best ways to prevent disease from spreading between employees in the office. Thanks to the pandemic, scientists have created some incredibly innovative cleaning solutions now. For starters, we have UVC sanitising systems. These emit ultraviolet light, killing any germs that might be in the way.VIOA manufactures mobile UVC sanitising systems, which can be purchased by businesses for their offices or premises. Next, we have self-cleaning surfaces. These come in the form of strips which are fitted onto touch points (like door handles), killing any pathogens that might come into contact with them. Finally, we have fogging, which is a new cleaning solution that involves spraying a mist of disinfectant. Fogging can be used on electronics as the mist is dry. It is capable of killing most pathogens, including coronavirus.

Better Understanding of Coronavirus

When COVID-19 cases first started appearing in the United Kingdom, experts knew hardly anything about the virus. They hadn’t identified all its signs or symptoms and they didn’t understand how exactly it was transmitted, nor who was most vulnerable. However, now scientists have had time to research the virus, we finally know enough information to sufficiently protect ourselves. As such, employers can make better-informed decisions regarding their employees’ safety. For example, we now know that coronavirus is predominately transferred through the air. So, if you do not have windows in your office or sufficient room for social distancing, then you can surmise that it is not yet safe for your workers to return.

We hope that this article has helped to shed some light on this issue. If you do not feel safe or comfortable working in the office, then you have every right to refuse.