What To Do If Your Local Pharmacy Closes? Our Top Tips

Help in obtaining medication should your regular source not be available.

The number of UK pharmacies has been steadily declining in recent years. The coronavirus pandemic has led to even more pharmacies being forced to close their doors. It can be challenging to know where to turn if your local pharmacy has closed, but there is help available to ensure that you get the medication you need.

The important thing is to understand your options. There are many ways that you can access services even out of hours, so do some research to find the options that work best for you.

Don’t Panic

The first step is to stay calm. If you are close to running out of your medication, there are options available for getting emergency medicine to tide you over until you can find your next pharmacy. Options include contacting your GP, visiting a walk-in centre or taking your prescription to a different pharmacy.

Research Your Next Nearest Pharmacy

When you find out that your pharmacy is closing, it is a good idea to start researching your next nearest option as soon as possible. A simple Google search can be the quickest way to find a nearby pharmacy. In addition, it may help to look for a pharmacy with good parking available or one that is well connected to public transport.

You could also ask for recommendations from local friends and family. The important thing is to find a pharmacy that is convenient for you to get to.

Try Out An Online Pharmacy

The reliability of UK online pharmacy and prescriptions services is getting better as more and more people make the switch from in-person to digital pharmacies. It is essential to do your research and find a trustworthy online pharmacy. When browsing online pharmacy websites, make sure to choose one with a user-friendly interface, and that offers all the services you may need.

An excellent example of what to look for is Chemist Click. Chemist Click are industry leaders in providing online prescription and pharmacy services, having won the SME News’s Most Trusted Online Pharmacy 2020 award. You will be trusting your pharmacy with sensitive medical information so choosing wisely is essential.

Consult Your Doctor

Talk to your GP about the changes to your local pharmacy. If you require medication quickly, your GP surgery will be able to help you get access to the medicine you need. You could also call 111, the non-emergency NHS service. Operators from 111 will be able to give you advice on where to find your nearest local pharmacy and provide you with out of hours options.

Make Use Of Home Delivery Services

Many pharmacies are now offering home delivery services. These can be ideal for anyone who cannot easily get to their local pharmacy or who are at high risk of coronavirus. It may help to call around the different local pharmacies to find out which ones offer a home delivery service. Keep in mind that some pharmacies may charge for this service, while others may offer it for free.