Be Festival announces 2021 programme

Two-part event to take place outdoors and online.

Last year theatres across the world closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and in the UK, uncertainty remains around the easing of restrictions. Consequently, Be Festival has taken the opportunity to review how they present their annual summer festival.

Like so many other theatres and artists, 2020 saw Be taken online. This experience opened up new possibilities of how to create and deliver work to new and existing audiences.

For 2021 they are embracing this exciting territory and evolving the festival to span two seasons being presented in July 2021 and February 2022.

Be Festival 2021 will explore alternative formats and ways to present an artistic programme, showcasing work postponed from last year and with new works to address diversity and increase the representation of Black, Asian and other ethnic artists. These performances will be complemented by online talks and workshops.

Throughout the year, in a series of workshops led by local artists, Be Next young participants will be focusing on issues around identity and social justice which will result in sharings and a performance.

The 2021 summer season runs from 9th–11th July, including a commission and a series of site-specific works which will see us presenting audio and storytelling pieces – not in traditional theatre spaces, but outdoors.

Audiences will enjoy nature against the backdrop of an urban landscape, creating an oasis where you can experience a sunset/sunrise or explore the outdoors with our audio trail which encourages you to take time out to reconnect with the natural sights and sounds around you.

Miguel Oyarzun & Isla Aguilar, Co-Directors of be Festival, said, “Despite the unprecedented challenges we have faced during the past 15 months, we have taken this as an opportunity to refresh and revitalise how we programme and present our annual festival.

“Technology, the resurgence of the BLM movements and the impact of the experience of isolation and confinement has inspired us to look afresh at how we can continue to break down boundaries and barriers – physical and psychological – which has encouraged us to take a new approach resulting in two seasons of work for Be Festival 2021.”