How and where to watch Euro 2020 in Birmingham

A guide to following the sporting event of the summer.

Is football your favourite sport? And are you the type to be found crossing fingers on the last minute of the match or chanting songs halfway through the game?

If you are such a zealot, then you are familiar with the loud, crowded pubs full of die-hard fans all geared up in their team jerseys. We have noticed how most football fans love coming together for a good match, and to help with this, we have come up with a list of the best places in Birmingham to have a fantastic experience when watching Euro 2020.

1. The O Bar
If you are looking for an affordable and fun place, this bar has the perfect combo for you. You can enjoy Euro 2020 and also not spend a fortune. The bar has an assortment of drinks and snacks to suit all palates. You will surely leave with more friends than you came with; yes, patrons are that friendly – or the beer is that good! Of course, many people in there will be punters, so make sure to have had a good look at the Euro 2020 odds and place your bet when the timing is right. After all, this will make for good conversation and a fun night, right!

2. The Edgbaston Stadium (Banqueting Suite)
If you are into the nitty-gritty of football, then this location will best suit you. It is best for enjoying the world’s best sport in a more organised fashion. An itinerary is already provided for an eventful day ahead. Book a ticket for the 22nd of June 2021 to watch England vs the Czech Republic. You do not only get to enjoy that, but you get to experience a group of the West Midlands legends discussing the match at half time and after the match is done. A three-course meal is also a part of this experience and if that does not feel like a lot already, you are welcome to participate in a raffle or auction. This just screams classy all the way and a definite bucket list for many. You do not want to miss this!

3. Genting Casino Edgbaston
This casino is ready to cater for everyone’s needs with the different sections available. You can always enjoy a game of football and so much more. Located in the affluent suburb of Edgbaston, it is a place perfect for a group of friends because there is so much to offer, be it a game of poker, drinks at the bar, a dining experience, a modern lounge or even a buffet every 90 minutes before a game. So why not set up a date with your mates to catch the Euro 2020 and head on over to the Genting Casino Edgbaston.

4. Live Streaming at Home.
Maybe you are not into the noisy pubs or crowded stadiums and enjoy watching your sports at home while relaxing on the couch. Then live streaming the Euro 2020 will most likely tickle your fancy. If you are not sure how to do this, read on.
One way is by subscribing to an online streaming service in the UK. As online streaming services have become very popular, you will have to search among the ones offered in the UK to see if there will be streaming Euro 2020. Some of the top streaming services you can choose from are Sky sports, Amazon Prime, YouTube TV and many more.

If the information is not available from a particular streaming service you want, then you have the option of contacting their customer support team to ask them directly.

Once you find the perfect option, you will have to register and choose a plan perfect for you, because most have a monthly subscription.

So, no matter what kind of football fan you are, we know you will enjoy one of these experiences listed above as you cheer on and possibly bet on your favourite team this EURO 2020!