Co Kilkenny sold a €12 million winning lottery ticket

Irish lottery making dreams come true.

The Association of National Lottery is awaiting the winner and has been withholding the shop’s name to avoid disturbance at the shop. The winner is still hidden which is increasing the curiosity of the people. Winning a lottery is one of the most joyful moments in anyone’s life and the reason for being unavailable yet seems mysterious.

The odds of winning a lottery are often quite less yet the people win it due to their profound techniques and luck at times. The regular players get an idea about how and what should be done to win the game. The new millionaires have also been added to the list of winners which is a great achievement for the lottery club as well as the winners. The chances of winning have rapidly increased since last year.

The Winning Ticket
Last Wednesday, the triumphant ticket of Quick Pick lottery was €12,740,043 Lotto big pot that was purchased in a small store Co Kilkenny as confirmed by the National Lottery. The ticket holder is yet to come forward to get the prize money. Despite being hidden, the winner of the lottery is the 12th Lotto Lottery jackpot winner throughout the entire existence of the game. The name of the store which sold the winning jackpot wasn’t known till then.

Since 1988, there have been only 26 winning jackpots of about €10 million, However, there has been a significant change in the jackpot rolling since 30th January. People have started focusing on Lotto Ireland which can be played in the UK through the Lottoland website. Several good causes have been attached with the lottery which has raised the amount to €20.8 million. The good causes attached to the lottery games have raised the bar even higher!
Association of National Lottery and the Winner

A representative of the National Lottery said it will uncover the name of the winner stake store in Kilkenny in the coming days. Moreover, he comments that as consistently with multi-million wins, it is significant that we illuminate the victor retailer and obviously to give the victor ticket holder the existence they need to let this genuinely life-changing €12.7 million win hit home. Also, he further added that with such countless huge prizes in Lotto draw on Wednesday night, the representative of the National Lottery is asking every individual who purchased a ticket for the lottery to check their tickets cautiously.

In the Lotto draws of Wednesday night, there were around 137,000 winners. The Lotto numbers which were on the boom on Wednesday were 04, 14, 20, 23, 27, 37 and the bonus number being 39. Therefore, the National Lottery is pushing all the players within the country to check their tickets thoroughly. They are advising the winners to be calm and composed and also to put their signatures at the back of the ticket to prevent losing it or stealing it. There is a helpline by the National Lottery to claim the jackpot on 1800 666 222 or send an email at The association will then make proper arrangements to deliver you your cash as per commitments.

According to the Association of National Lottery, almost 30% of the amount spent on lottery games is spent for good causes such as in the fields of education, sports, health, youth, heritage, arts, Irish language and the poor.

The Association of National Lottery came into existence around 33 years ago and since then it has helped in the welfare work of approximately €5.8 billion. Considering the past year, it was the most beneficial one in terms of serving the good causes as the Irish Lottery contributed €254 million. The Lotto game of Ireland has given rise to 19 millionaires in 2020 which is a record high in a year.

If you wish to play and win, the Irish Lottery is available in the UK at Lottoland. You can check out the recent winners at Irish Lottoland and learn from their techniques of winning. The Irish lottery is easily available on the website and the chances of winning are decent as the odds are 1 in 29. It offers a reasonable jackpot of around ten million which is quite affordable as compared to others. To increase the chances of winning, you can visit the website on Sunday and Wednesday at around 8 pm. Lottoland offers a variety of odds of winning and the ways you can win against the odds. You will get three chances to try your luck!