Away and dry

Blues’ win at Derby County makes relegation mathematically impossible. Andy Munro reports.

Yet again Lee Bee masterminded another win which ensures Bluenoses can enjoy two stress-free remaining games, and that fact seemed an impossibility a dozen games ago. However, like all Championship games, this one wasn’t a walk in the park as we were one nil-down at half time following a lacklustre display. Our managerial saviour made some thoughtful attacking substitutions to turn the game on its head, and talking about heads, it was the Juke again supplying the finishing touches.

Ivan Sanchez coming on to make a difference could have been predicted but a more than decent cameo from Mikel San Jose was a welcome surprise – maybe he’s not the load of paella that he seemed to be under the previous management. Amari Miller also got a slightly longer run out to impress; seeing him and Steve Seddon getting game time is a sign that the manager is happy to indulge in the youthful side of the Blues.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the end of the season with the toing and froing of players and maybe in the last two games some of the fringe players like Sam Cosgrove will be given the chance to impress – although that something he obviously hasn’t done in training. Mind you, whatever happens, Lee has the absolute backing of the fans following the successful outcome of ‘Mission Impossible’!

Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney sweats and who would have thought that when Derby thrashed the Blues four-nil earlier in the season when we were at our clueless worst?