Dance studio looks to the future

Great Barr dance school continues through the current lockdown.

Dance Studio 22 has been running for four years and is based at Alexander Stadium’s Gmac and Perry Beeches Baptist Church. Catering for students aged from three-sixteen, Dance 22 offer classes based on age and ability in Ballet, Acrobatics, Modern, Contemporary, Street Dance and Pointe work. They compete they times a year, stage an annual Christmas show and also hold aa presentation show to highlight the work of students throughout the year.

Studio principal Samantha Howell says, “We have faced some real struggles as a result of Covid-19. Once finally allowed back into the studio we had to make sure it was as safe as possible for our students. We installed a one-way system to enter and exit the studios, made sure windows and doors remained open and provided sanitiser stations as well as sanitising all equipment immediately after use. We set up isolation areas for students while dancing and made sure the rooms were cleaned frequently.

“We also led students onto the car park to see them walk to their parents or to their parents’ cars to ensure that anyone who isn’t taking part is kept away from the premises.”

Samantha added that the studio also took further measures to keep going after the post-Christmas lockdown, “We were not allowed to return to the studio, so we had to take to Zoom lessons. Not everyone has the ability to use Zoom, so we weren’t able to offer lessons to as many students as we normally would. Although our students are improving on Zoom we cannot wait to see their faces when we’re finally allowed to return to the studio in April.

“Students and parents have been fantastic during these difficult times and have continued to work their socks off! Unfortunately, there are those students who would have loved to be back, who haven’t had the opportunity or ability to train with us for over a year. Without keeping up with their training, their strength and flexibility will have declined and for some, it will feel like starting again. We do worry that we will have lost students due to the pandemic but we hope to keep the majority as we do love them like family. We are also hoping to have new students join our dance family too.”

Dance 22 aims to return to holding dance lessons in April. Further information can be found at or call 07928 307107.