Love Logs fired up following successful 2020

Business hots up for eco-friendly firewood retailer.

The UK’s first plastic-free, fully-sustainable firewood retailer Love Logs has ignited a whole host of successes since its launch just four months ago. Now, the independent business is celebrating its latest significant business milestone, with the planting of its 1,500th tree this week.

Working with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant two trees for every order, Love Logs has been supporting the charity since its inception back in August. Most recently, the eco-company turned Black Friday green by pledging to plant ten trees for every order, helping it over the line in its goal of planting 1,500 seedlings before the end of the year.

Love Logs has delivered hundreds of plastic-free orders across the whole of the country – from Aberdeen to Cornwall – including 51 on Green Friday alone.

Co-founder of Love Logs, Heather Emery, is tremendously proud of Love Logs’ progress, commenting: “We’d set ourselves the target of planting 1,500 trees by the end of 2020, so to have hit that milestone ahead of time is a huge win for us! It is so important to us that the work we do at Love Logs is sustainable, eco-friendly, and impactful, and it has been great to work with Eden Reforestation Projects to pioneer this new approach in the industry. We truly believe that businesses can have a huge positive environmental impact, even as start-ups, and we are so proud to be proof of that.”

Love Logs launched as the UK was in the midst of a national lockdown, when Heather and her partner, Paul Strachan, spotted – and indeed contributed to – the rise in outdoor entertaining due to Covid restrictions. With many households buying fire pits and pizza ovens to entertain guests in their gardens, passionate environmentalists Heather and Paul were concerned to find that many companies only delivered firewood in plastic bags or netting.

To combat this, the couple began their venture, becoming the UK’s only 100% plastic-free ecommerce retailer of British firewood, kindling and natural firelighters, with a focus on provenance and supporting local suppliers whenever possible.

“There’s no denying that the pandemic has presented many struggles, but we’re tremendously proud to have been able to make the best of a tough situation. Lockdown saw many people discovering the joy of entertaining outdoors as a way of spending time safely with their family, and we see this trend, as well as the growth in indoor log burners, continuing well into the next year.

“Looking ahead we want to increase sales fivefold and we’re feeling confident that we can do that. We’d definitely like to expand the team next year too, so we can then have a well-earned holiday! We remain truly passionate about making sustainable swaps in our lives and know that so many people share that passion,” concluded Heather.

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