Karankie Korner

Andy Munro found this in the rubbish bin of the St Andrews managers office.

Es magnifico the way every player they respond to and understand every word of my Karankie message at halftime even though in my anger I only speak Spanish.

Yet my success is all down to tactic and shape and I hear of this new way of defending with just four at the back so who say the Aytollah Karankie doesn’t change his mind and take the chances. So to protect them I play just in front Sunny and Dutch Mike who look at me like I am loco and speaking the double Dutch when I tell him he is playing.

Okay, in the first half, we have to soak up pressure but this time we get over the halfway line at least twice. Then in the second half, we come out playing like Barnsley, never mind the Barca. Our physio,he even has a box of tissues to stem the nosebleed as many player they get in the opposition box including Harlee Deane who score the winner. We even give the new Croatian Messi some game time so it all looking muy bueno.

However, with such a big squad, this season I make more change than your guard at Buckingham Palace so is a problem muy grande against the Reading. Do I change player and formation or maybe I put all the player numbers in a bag and play the Spanish Lottery…. as usual.

Seguir Va Al Final Del Camino!

El Karankie