How to Find the Perfect Student Accommodation in Your City

Tips for prospective new educational arrivals.

Looking for the perfect student accommodation can be a tough task. Many students feel like they get poor value for money when it comes to the price of their rent and the problems that they have to deal with throughout their tenancy. When it comes to finding student housing, things can become easier in some ways and harder in others, especially if you don’t know the area very well. This is why it is important to know what to look for during your search. To help you find the perfect student accommodation, here is some advice you should follow.

Speak to Other Students
Before you view any student homes, you should consider talking to other students that have more experience and knowledge of your university and the area. They may be able to give you some good advice on properties and ways to save money on your accommodation. You can speak to students on online forums and social media groups. You should also speak to the tenants of the houses you view.

Find Student Friendly Areas
Every city is full of its own student friendly areas. These will usually consist of student properties that are affordable and suitable for house shares. They will also contain student residents, which can make it easier to settle in. Knowing these areas is crucial before you start searching for student houses. You should also check the local crime rates and transport links for your university.

Search on Student Cribs
There are many websites out there that can help you find the perfect student accommodation during your time studying, such as Student Cribs. This website grants you access to a number of comfortable, well-equipped student properties that are situated in the best locations throughout the UK. It offers a good standard of living in a safe area, allowing you to get the most out of university.

Confirm Your Rental Budget
Rent is the biggest student cost. Your budget will be the main limitation when it comes to finding your perfect student home and it is something that you need to calculate before you search for properties. To help you confirm your rental budget, you should look into using a rent budget calculator. This will allow you to see how much rent you can afford to pay after everything else has been considered.

Ask Questions When Viewing
When viewing accommodation, many students may feel nervous to ask questions, but this shouldn’t be the case. It is important to ask the estate agent, landlord and current tenants all of the questions that enter your mind. This can include what comes with the property, the cost of bills, the internet speed, transport links, parking availability, local amenities and if they can make the home more secure.

Viewing properties as a student can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. However, once you know how to prepare yourself and the things to ask the estate agent and the landlord, things will become much easier during your search and your tenancy.