Blues take the biscuit

Andy Munro watches Blues win at Reading.

Winning breeds confidence, and who would have thought that Blues would beat two top sides on the trot when we were in doldrums just a couple of weeks ago? Also, who would have thought Jon Toral would be the hero given his recent form struggles?

This was a win Blues thoroughly deserved and if Scott Hogan had completely recovered his form then the score would have been more comfortable. Unfortunately, we had to endure squeaky bum time for twenty minutes with a ridiculous half of that ‘extra’ time.

Somewhere along the line Blues must have mortally offended a referee and thereby the Referees’ Union because where he found ten minutes from I don’t know, and both the yellow cards for Harlee Dean were harsh. It was also never a penalty as Dean clearly won the ball first.

Clearly, the first booking was for a shoulder to shoulder job with the ball in playing distance. To use a term that may soon be banned, we are in danger of a set of rules that can only be described as a licence for handbags football. Maybe this is extreme but in my early school playing day, players would be shoulder charging each other like raging bulls whilst the ball had become a distant speck.

Anyway, Neil Etheridge, who is fast becoming one of our best-ever signings pulled off a brilliant save and despite being down to ten men we registered three valuable points. Next up Watford – it certainly doesn’t get any easier.