Still ready for the off?

Andy Munro on the imminent departure of Pep Clotet.

Well, Bluenoses were all excitingly getting set for the resumption of 2019-2020 when the Pep Clotet bombshell was dropped and let’s face it, his sudden resignation does seem a bit of a mystery. There’s been three months of inactivity and uncertainty with no outward signs of discontent, we’re now on the verge of a return to league games, and given the timing of his decision the question is, was he pushed or did he jump?

Maybe COVID-19 has brought home the importance of being with his family, or maybe it was the result of a discussion on the future availability (or lack of it) of funds for new players.

The truth is probably a bit of both, but Pep has done a more than a decent job in trying circumstances. He’s brought through young players (which was always Gary Monk’s weak spot), signed mostly decent players with a sell-on value and got us playing some decent football.

However, while I wish him well, Blues are not yet home and dry where Championship survival is concerned and such a statement is bound to cause upheaval and therefore hardly likely to be good for morale over the last nine games. If the club decide to do things on the cheap (a regular occurrence) then the Paul Robinson/Craig Gardner combination beckons. Certainly, the return of Chris Hughton would be a favourite with fans but he’s unlikely to be in a hurry to rejoin Penny Pinching FC. It’s all so very Blues.

One thought on “Still ready for the off?

  1. My sentiments exactly.Pep has done a lot with very little
    but what else is new? Maybe the dynamic duo of ex players
    can see us through.After all they wear their hearts on their sleeves,

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