Digital spotlight on urban wildlife

Explore the wonders of urban wildlife with The Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust.

The Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust are inviting members of the public to join their digital event Spotlight on Urban Wildlife on Friday 26th June at 18:30. Led by Emma Thompson and Andy Slater, this dynamic talk will focus on the wonders of urban wildlife and how nature can be accessible for everyone. Members of the public are invited to register for the event, send in questions for special guests and share their urban jungle stories.

At a time when many people have felt confined, this event will enthusiastically illustrate how connecting with nature helps people feel happier, healthier and inspired.

Special guests include well-known and respected wildlife presenters David Lindo (AKA The Urban Birder), and Kate Bradbury an award winning wildlife gardener and author. Their presence on this live digital event will enlighten members of the public, helping them to discover and celebrate local wildlife and explore the benefits of connecting with nature. Kate and David will also facilitate a live question and answer session during the event.

This event will also enable the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust to place a spotlight on the wealth of green space across Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton. Celebrating forty years of protecting natural habitats, the Trust aim to take viewers on a wild adventure as they warmly highlight the importance of wildlife, and how easily accessible it is for everyone across the region.

Exciting initiatives will be introduced, including:
• 30 Days Wild in June
• Action for Insects

Viewers will also be invited to become more involved with the Trust to reverse wildlife decline by registering for e-newsletters to hear about news and opportunities including future digital events and to donate to their forty-year fundraising appeal.

Emma Thompson, Head of Fundraising and Communications said, “Connecting with wildlife has huge benefits to our health and wellbeing and with the challenges that many of our much loved species face, the more people who know about and care for their local wildlife the better we will be able to protect it.”