New online forum for disabled people launched

Euan’s guide aims to help boost spirits and share ideas during isolation.

The charity focused on making it easier for disabled people to get out and about has now turned their attention to keeping everyone amused whilst they stay indoors.

The team behind Euan’s Guide, the website where people leave reviews rating the disabled access at the places they visit, has now launched a new online forum,

Aware that some of their users are actively trying to avoid social media because of the anxiety it can induce, this forum has been specifically designed to be a positive space to connect during this period of isolation and uncertainty. People can use it to find and share advice and ideas of things to do without leaving the house.

Euan MacDonald

Designed for disabled people, their family and friends, the forum already covers topics including virtual experiences, tips for working from home and how to stay active. People have been using it to share their thoughts and experiences, with one user sharing a link to dance and movement videos adapted for those with limited mobility and another using the forum to ask their peers for recommendations and advice around Brain Computer Interface technology.

Everyone is welcome to join the group discussions to share their own activities and also provide links to things they’ve seen and read elsewhere.

Co-founder of Euan’s Guide, Euan MacDonald said: “It can be easy to get bored or feel lonely when your opportunities to get out and about are taken away and the purpose of the forum is to avoid that, both during Coronavirus and beyond. We’ll continue to help people find accessible things to do through our review website and our new online forum.”

Tina Hodgkinson, Euan’s Guide Ambassador and forum user added: “As disabled people, we are often portrayed negatively or underrepresented by news outlets, and social media users can sometimes lack empathy or even be offensive towards us. This negativity can knock our confidence and impact on our emotional well-being.

“The forum is a welcoming, safe and positive space for disabled people to come together and share ideas. As one of the Euan’s Guide Ambassadors who have been trialling the forum for the last few days, I’m very excited that it’s now going public.”