Home and Away

Andy Munro watches Blues’ 1-1 FA Cup draw with Coventry.

This match was about as gripping and classy as the TV programme of the same name. Blues did start off at a decent pace but rarely threatened, with the Juke cutting a lonely figure in the opposition penalty area.

However, that might not have been so bad if the quality of crosses had been half decent. Montero’s trickery on the ball is wondrous to behold but unfortunately the same can’t be said about his crosses. Perhaps, this is the reason the talented Uruguayan has had more clubs than Tiger Woods.

Up front,Mrabti was busy without being penetrative and in midfield Jude looked a bit like a sixteen year old playing in a mens football match although in fairness this is bound to happen now and again. Alongside him Sunjic was busy but devoid of his usual classy touches.

Bela, when he came on, was the best option but to me Pep left the substitutes too late. Perhaps also, in the hurly burly of a cup game keeping enforcers Davies and Gardner in the middle would have kept control in that area as we seemed to lose it in the second half. Perhaps the only bright spot was a Ronnie Rosenthal miss by Villa loanee Callum O’Hare from two yards with the goal at his mercy.

Apart from that scare, we were fairly solid but without Roberts, we did seem to lose more headers than we won which was a bit worrying. We live to fight another day but there must be wonders about Pep’s technical nouse when on Radio WM he insists we were playing three forwards and not a centre forward and two wingers. This ploy ends up with us having a powder puff attack and often nobody within hailing distance of the Juke. Let’s hope we sign a proper pacey central forward to support him but I’m not holding my breath on that one.