Legendary musician to perform in Kings Heath

Music legend Iain Matthews teams up with author Ian Clayton for a words and music show.

Iain Matthews, best known for his time with Fairport Convention and his number one hit single Woodstock with Matthews Southern Comfort, is teaming up with Yorkshire author Ian Clayton on a Words and Music tour to celebrate the success of his autobiography Thro’ My Eyes, which was co-authored by Clayton.

Thro’ My Eyes is structured around a series of Matthews’s songs and illustrated by the stories that inspired them. The Words and Music show will bring the book to life on stage. Ian Clayton will read stories from the book interspersed with live songs from Iain Matthews. The show will be a highly entertaining and intimate occasion, rich in stories and wonderful live music, presenting the story of an artistic life through the eyes of one of our most enduring singer-songwriters.

Matthews approached Clayton to help him write his memoir after buying Clayton’s own music memoir Bringing It All Back Home at an airport and declaring it his favourite book of all time. Matthews says, “I came to writing a book with great trepidation. Quite honestly, I doubted I would remember enough stories to fill the pages, but Ian drew them from me and helped capture them in print. Life has a way of bringing people to you exactly when you’re wondering where the hell to go next.”

Not only did he fill the pages, the book turned in to a runaway success, much to Matthews’ surprise. “Never for a second, did I expect this memoir to be so enthusiastically and wholeheartedly embraced and bandied about. But it’s happening and it warms my heart. They say a lot of good things come to you when you clear your mind and be open to anything. I’m certainly receiving my share right now.”

Ian Clayton is very much looking forward to taking the show on the road. “I have known Iain Matthews’ songs for fifty years and the man himself for the last ten. I was thrilled when he asked me to work alongside him on his memoir. The stories about his life shine like a light on the pursuit of dreams, the making of music and the speaking of plain truths.”

Iain Matthews and Ian Clayton’s Words and Music tour comes to The Kitchen Garden, Kings Heath, Wednesday 9th October. Tickets are £15. Full details can be found at www.iainmatthewsmemoir.wordpress.com