Council opposition groups condemn Perry Barr flyover proposal

Joint Lib Dem and Conservative call for demolition plans to be scrapped.

Birmingham Liberal Democrat and Conservative groups have jointly condemned what they call the “bizarre” decision by the Labour administration to go ahead with the demolition of the Perry Barr Flyover despite overwhelming objections including those from local residents, neighbouring councils, the West Midlands Mayor and Highways England.

Cllr Jon Hunt, leader of the Lib Dem group, said, “The views of the people of north Birmingham have been trampled over and their knowledge of how the roads work in this area ignored. Successful bus services are being put in jeopardy. The truth is that if you had £30 million to spend on climate change this is not how you would spend it. The evidence doesn’t justify the cost so a rethink is needed”.

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street added, “I’ve been clear that I think the decision to remove this vital piece of transport infrastructure is a mistake and an unnecessary risk. I welcome the action of local Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillors to formally challenge this, hopefully securing a rethink and reversal of this decision by the Council”.

Tory leader Cllr Robert Alden added, “We urge Birmingham Labour, even at this eleventh hour, to heed the requests from Walsall and Sandwell Councils and Highways England to suspend plans and look at the cumulative impact of all the work they are doing on the rest of the road and public transport network in North Birmingham and further afield before committing to £30m on a vanity project. This is going to cause residents in the north of the city horrendous issues for years for a four second increase in bus times and a one- to two minute slowing of car times”.