Building society helps children’s hospital

Donation helps bring play to brave hospital children.

Money raised by savers at a local building society is helping to secure access to play services for patients at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The West Brom presented a donation of £33,225 which is going towards the cost of funding a team of play and recreation facilitators.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital uses play as a means of helping young patients express their feelings, have fun and relax.

Saranne Moreno, corporate strategic partnerships manager for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “Being in hospital is often very nerve-wracking for a child and when they’re anxious this can affect their response to treatment and powers of recovery.

“Play and recreation is therefore an essential part of a patient’s experience with us because it gives them and their families a break from the stress of being unwell. We need to raise £300,000 a year in order to continue bringing structured play to our brave children, allowing them to be kids first – and patients second.”

The West Brom collected the money through its Red Balloon Appeal Account, a special savings product designed to benefit both customers and the hospital.

Interest earned on people’s savings is effectively shared, with a proportion creating an annual bonus payment that Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity can invest in enhancing patient care. The account was launched in 2007 and since then has raised more than £800,000 for the cause.

Saranne added: “We don’t consider play to be a luxury for the children at our hospital, more a necessity. That’s why the support from the West Brom and its customers in funding this campaign is hugely appreciated.”

The Red Balloon presentation was made by branch manager Mark Adams, who was also given a tour of the hospital and its play facilities.