Book to the Future

Bake and Books to head up University of Birmingham’s literary festival.

The University of Birmingham will be hosting its annual celebration of the written and spoken word, the Book to the Future Festival, from 18th-19th October.

The two day event features free workshops, panel discussions and author talks by well-known figures and coincides with the University’s Undergraduate Open Day on Saturday 19th October.

University of Birmingham alumni, Candice Brown will be returning to her alma mater to discuss her road from Brum to Bakes. Candice’s talk will cover her childhood upbringing in the pubs run by her parents, spending time in North London with her grandparents before settling in Bedfordshire for upper school. She will be touching on her own school and University life and how she found a career in teaching.

The award-winning author Angela Saini will be discussing her book In Superior where she explores the concept of race, from its origins to the present day exploring why we find it so hard to let go of the notion that race is biologically real, and the political consequences of this dangerous idea. Angela will discuss the origins of race and its consequences followed by an ‘in-conversation’ session with University of Birmingham’s Dr Dina Kiwan.

Other notable guests include award-winning author Tasmina Perry (pictured), Mental health champion and author Hope Virgo, and Rosie Walsh, author of the New York Times best-seller The Man who didn’t Call.

Researchers from the University of Birmingham such as acclaimed author Ruth Gilligan will be presenting about storytelling about ‘other’ cultures, while Michaela Mahlberg, Anna Cermakove will cover Heroines, heroes and gender inequality in children’s fiction, and Richard House will provide advice on how to find a publishing agent.

More information on Book to the Future and event registration details are available here.