Guided tours of Cadbury and Bournville Village

Discover the rich history of Cadbury this Birmingham Heritage Week.

Cadbury World is inviting guests to discover the fascinating history of the Cadbury brand during Birmingham Heritage Week, on Thursday 12th and Thursday 19th September.

As part of Birmingham Heritage Week, guests are invited to dive into the amazing world of Cadbury and Bournville Village with a Heritage Walking Tour, led by an expert Cadbury World guide.

People can discover the revolutionary thinking of John Cadbury and follow his family on their campaigns for justice, equality and social reform, striving to put an end to poverty and deprivation.

While on the walk, guests can learn about Bournville’s fascinating past with a sneak-peek into Birmingham’s unique Factory in a Garden, and view examples of beautiful architecture, the unique village green and the pretty tree-lined streets that Bournville is famous for.

Before the heritage walking tour, people can take a self-guided tour of Cadbury World to see firsthand an assortment of chocolatey zones. Discover the origins of the cocoa bean, learn how everyone’s favourite confectionery is made and watch the chocolatiers work their magic as they reveal the secrets of traditional chocolate making. Guests who are enjoying a trip down memory lane as part of Heritage Week, can wander down Advertising Avenue and see many of the iconic Cadbury adverts from over the years.

Diane Mitchell, marketing manager at Cadbury World, said: “We’re delighted to be celebrating Birmingham Heritage Week once again this year, as it gives the public a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating history of Cadbury confectionery, as well being a wonderful way to commemorate the Cadbury family’s legacy here in the city.”

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