(former) Stranglers in the night

Hugh Cornwell to play Robin 2.

Golden Brown, Strange Little Girl, Always The Sun, Peaches, No More Heroes, Nice & Sleazy…..sound familiar?

All big hits, all great songs, all written and sung by Hugh Cornwell, the songwriter behind The Stranglers. He is the hitman and he’s back with a new album Monster this Autumn on Sony Music.

To promote the tour high is touring the UK and will be arriving at the robin 2 in Bilston on friday 29th November. You can expect an opening set of prime solo songs, including picks from Monster, followed by a storming second half of those iconic hits, sung and played by the man himself and his band.

“Just strap on your guitar and we’ll play some rock and rock”. Get a grip on yourself – the hitman is back.

The album Monster is out now and tickets for the Robin gig are available here