Drag show for kids begins UK tour

Event aims to celebrate diversity in response to anti-LGBTQ protests.

As protests against LGBTQ+ inclusive education return to Birmingham schools and spread nationally, Fantabulosa! (a pop-up interactive drag show for kids) embarks on a national tour across the UK to spread the message of inclusivity, diversity, and self acceptance.

Heading to festivals and cities across the UK throughout 2019, Fantabulosa! takes to the streets with a free interactive drag storytelling cabaret show, including telling stories featured in the No Outsiders programme, subject of the recent protests at Parkfield Primary School. Created with a cast of the UK’s leading drag artists the project aims to celebrate difference, teach children about diversity and self acceptance, and increase visibility for LGBTQ+ communities in public spaces.

Performances begin on 26th-27th May at Salisbury International Festival before returning to Birmingham on Saturday 1st June at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and continue throughout the year.

Director of Fantabulosa!, Adam Carver said: “We are in the middle of an extremely difficult time for minority communities in the UK and particularly in Birmingham. With rises in homophobic and islamophobic hate crime and the fiery debates around education coming to we want to create something positive to counter that narrative, to build bridges, and debunk some of the misconceptions about LGBTQ+ people.

“We want to show people that LGBTQ+ inclusion isn’t something to be afraid of but something that should be celebrated and can help us all to grow. In many ways we are making the show we wish we could have seen when we were kids”

Details of the show can be found here.