Birmingham theatre company enters Wonderland

Crescent to stage production of adapted classic.

Following over a year’s hiatus from the Crescent, youth theatre company Stage2 is returning to the Ron Barber Studio Theatre with a marvellously mad adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland from 17th-20th July.

As ever, Stage2 has put a twist on a well-known work, setting Alice in a Britain during the onset of World War II. This re-working means that the audiences will enjoy a new meaning to some of the best-loved characters in theatre.

Lead by a strong-willed Alice, the Stage2 version focuses on the journey of a young evacuee at the onset of World War II. Her world is turned upside down when she’s sent to stay with her puritanical aunt and uncle in the English Ccuntryside. Alice quickly learns that the country can be cruel and with no-one to turn to, she escapes her family only to find herself in a world filled with nonsense and madness: Wonderland.

This cast of young people (aged 9 to 19) is full of talented performers, with a technical crew also made up of youngsters. The company make their own costumes, props and set to ensure that this production will be a true Stage2 performance to be proud of. Tickets