Clipping the Robins’ wings

Blues win away at Bristol City with Andy Munro looking on appreciatively.

Whereas under Zola, Rednapp and Cotterill, every fixture seemed full of foreboding, under Gary Monk every fixture is full of hope. Okay, Bristol City had lost their last two games but in both cases they were unlucky not to get something against top sides and were on fire for the preceding dozen or so.

For this one Monk decided to bring some freshness into our wide play through Mrabi and Mahoney and they repaid their manager’s faith with a couple of excellent performances. Mrabi was no surprise as he’s looked very impressive in the last few cameos but it was good to see Connor Mahoney showing he can do it from the start rather than be just an impact sub.

For once the goals didn’t come from Che and the Juke although Adams tested out the woodwork and was unlucky not to score himself. Mahoney opened the scoring and then set up Morrison and when he sets his mind to it, the young winger can deliver some great balls into the box in double quick time whilst frustratingly, in comparison, Jota can sometimes disappear up his own proverbial.

Gardner and Kleftenbeld kept a tight grip on City’s normally impressive midfield but perhaps the plaudits should go to the Blues back four, so often accused of lacking concentration and costing us goals. Not this time, as they held firm in the face of an increasingly frantic wave of Bristol attacks.

Who knows what the EFL have in store but it’s a case of KRO in spite of….